live here.

My name is Cort Danger Stratton. This pathetic excuse for a personal web site will, in all likelihood, never get any fancier than this. So, in short:

  • I live in Los Angeles, California.
  • I'm a professional video game programmer.
    • I worked at Maxis a long time ago, on the Sims franchise.
    • I spent 11 years writing platform-level graphics code for Sony, most notably the official rendering API for the PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation Edge geometry-processing library for the PS3. As a result, I am credited on a ton of games.
    • I worked at Google for a couple of years, mainly helping developers make the best use of the Vulkan 3D graphics API. I was a member of the Vulkan Working Group (still am, I guess, though I've been very inactive lately).
    • I currently work for Unity, on the Entities package.
  • I've written a few open-source software projects, all hosted on GitHub:
    • img2ktx, a command-lint utility to convert image files to the GPU-native KTX format.
    • Mona, a program to evolve an approximation of a reference image using semi-transparent polygons. This implementation uses CUDA to run on the GPU.
    • Wavertoy, a web-based live-coding environment for audio synthesis using JavaScript. It's like Shadertoy, but for audio. Try it live at wavertoy.com!
    • cds_sync, a collection of synchronization primitives for multithreaded applications, implemented as a cross-platform C89-compatible header file.
    • PyAIML, a pure-Python interpreter for the AIML conversational AI markup language. (10+ years old, mostly defunct now)
  • I used to be an adjunct faculty member at a now-defunct local game development school, where I taught a pair of classes on Advanced Concepts in Programming.
  • I am an extremely amateur full-stack musician (composing, performance, recording, programming, production, mixing, and mastering). My music is available (mostly for free) on Bandcamp.